What’s in a Box? 

Each delivery (newborn) comprises:

* 20 fitted nappies

* 20 prefold nappies

* 40 flats plus boosters

* fleece stay-dry liners 

* 4 waterproof covers (reusable)

* 2 wet bags



Flats are by far the best option for newborns because you can get a consistently good fit while your baby rapidly changes shape in the first few weeks. 

There are a million ways to fold a nappy – but you only ever need to learn one. A basic fold gives you three points – bring the ends around the belly and up through the legs, fasten with a Snappi as seen on the right, and cover.

Under the bear on the left, you can see the booster. Our boosters are thick and super absorbent – we rely on these doing much of the hard work for wetness. Boost with enthusiasm! 



Lay the fabric square flat (1). Fold on the diagonal – PAST the centre line, overshooting the opposite corner (2). Pull the same corner you’ve just brought across, back on itself to create the shape shown in (3). Fold your creation in half along the other diagonal (4). Lay a booster (or two!) and you’re ready to place baby on top and fasten.


Prefolds are fabric squares “pre-folded” into multi-layered sections, generally 3, for easy folding. You simply fold the edges in, add a liner if required and slot the ends into the flaps of the cover, before fastening around baby. They work great and could not be easier.


“Fitted” nappies are shaped nappies that you simply wrap around your baby using a Snappi fastener. They are super absorbent and great for night time. They need a breathable plastic (PUL) cover to be fully waterproof. 

How it works:

  • Sign up via whatsapp to 072 200 6369, email info@bumstheword.co.za or use our Contact form.
  • We collect your nappy bin every week in a pre-arranged time slot, delivering you a clean batch each time.
  • Weekly subscription: cash, EFT or snapscan. 
  • Press pause at any time.  Please enquire about ad hoc arrangements – R150 each (collect, wash, return).