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What services do you offer?

We deliver 80 clean and fresh nappies to you every week, and collect your full nappy bucket for washing. 

If we’re washing your personal nappies, you are welcome to add baby clothes, receiving blankets etc. to your bucket, up to 6 kg. We are happy to wash baby clothes and other laundry if you’re on our rental plan too (please enquire for pricing), just please note we don’t iron at this stage.

We also offer nappy stripping (thrush treatment), elastics replacement, wool cover lanolising, replacement of snaps and velcro. Please enquire for costs. Our complete rental solution includes wet bags, cloth wipes, and four adorable waterproof covers per delivery.

What kind of nappies do I get in your rental service?

Each delivery contains 80 nappies to last you for a week. The majority are flats and boosters. No need for origami, it really couldn’t be simpler. The bundle includes about 10 terry cotton or hemp fitted nappies; these are great for night time. You also get a bunch of prefolds (brushed cotton, indian cotton or hemp) which you simply wrap around baby and fasten, or pop into a cover and snap baby in. To be fully waterproof you need to put a cover over your nappies. All of our nappies are 100% natural fabrics, either cotton or hemp. The staydry liners are synthetic microfleece.

Folding?! Aren’t we living in the 21st century now?

Like many things in life, there’s an easy way and a complex (but satisfying!) way. The basic way is guaranteed to be the easiest thing you learn as a new parent. With our booster system you don’t ever need to use complicated folds – although they can be great fun to learn. We promise you’ll be able to do it in the dark on 2 hours sleep. We show you everything you need to know. A babyshower demo is a great time to learn!

Also, we’re not talking about bulky towelling squares, pins and leg leaks. Our cloth solutions are neat, trim, and super super cute. Cloth has come a long way since the previous century 😉

My nappies are precious! How can I trust someone else with my gorgeous stash?

We completely understand this. Lisl was a cloth mom for 7 years and loved her nappies in a way she cannot sensibly explain. She owned more than 80 nappies from Alva to Zappy Nappy and everything in between. Everyone at Bum’s the Word is an experienced cloth mom. We know how precious your nappies are, and we know exactly how to take great care of them. Cloth is our passion.

My child has a sensitive skin – can you use a different powder/liquid?

Sure! Just let us know what you prefer – or let’s formulate a plan together if you’re still trying to find out what works.

Are dirty nappies OK in the bucket for 6 days? Won’t they smell?

Many nappy services overseas operate weekly. Newborn nappies are not offensive. There is no need to rinse them either, just bin them dry. The best system is to have a wetbag kept conveniently indoors which you empty into an outside bin every day. It is best to leave the lid slightly ajar. For older babies, ideally you’d “dunk and swish” poo nappies before binning. You can also put a few drops of lavender or tea tree oil in the bucket. 

If there is demand for more frequent service we will address this – so please let us know.

Sorry, but … gross. I’m a bit shy about handing over a bucket of poop.

I don’t think you understood the bit about how much we love nappies. We’ve all had our own babies. We know they can be pretty grim. We have the necessary safety equipment. Don’t worry about us 😉

Will you unstuff my pocket nappies?

Yes! Hey, we’ll stuff them too 😉

I’d love to cloth diaper but I have no idea where to start. Can you help?

Absolutely, put the kettle on and Lisl will gladly drop in to tell you all about it.

I’m worried about thrush. Would a service like this spread it around?

Thrush is the enemy and must be nipped in the bud. Your personal nappies are NEVER washed with anyone else’s, and our rental nappies are thoroughly disinfected with G-cide, a hospital-grade steriliser, on each wash. 

My baby has thrush. Can you help?

Please let us know if you are battling thrush, so that we can advise on how to rid your stash of this extremely annoying and damaging fungus, and/or strip your nappies for you.

Problems! Why is cloth not working for my baby?

Let us help you identify your particular problem/s. Most can be solved by 4 simple essentials: keep the nappy snug and the cover roomy, ensure all cloth is 100% inside the cover, place the leg elastics in the panty line and not around the leg, and boost as you need to. Smells? That’s your wash routine and is easily fixed. Irritation? Some babies have difficulty with synthetics, which is why our rental service nappies are all 100% natural fabrics. Some babies don’t like to be wet, which is where stay-dry liners come in. There’s a solution for every problem. Just ask.

What areas do you service? 

Cape Town southern suburbs and South Peninsula. Drop us a line to request a new area – we are keen to expand.

Do I need to buy a bucket?

Our rental nappies come with a bucket each delivery. If we are washing your own nappies, we are happy to supply you with as many Bum’s the Word buckets as you need (generally two), for a returnable deposit of R50 per bucket. 

I have more than one bum. Do you offer discounts?

Absolutely. If you have more than one cloth bum we reckon you need all the help you can get. Please enquire.

Do you do gift vouchers?

Yes! A few weeks of nappy washing is a wonderful baby shower gift or way to take some pressure off a family having a busy time. Everything you need for the first month of diapering is R1600.00 (nappies, wipes, bags, bucket, covers). What an amazing way to help a new family and save the world at the same time!

What is your absolute favourite nappy of all time?

The million dollar question! As a brand, Thirsties AIO. Cute prints, trim fit, and decently thirsty. I was never a big fan of pockets except Baby Wizards (now Elf diapers), they have a great fit. My very first lot was a set of Bumgenius which were great and outlasted two babies so they did extremely well. And I loved my local WAHM nappies especially Mini Matters terry fitteds combined with a wrap cover. It took me far too long to try wool covers but when I did, I couldn’t get enough of them – so, Sloomb woolies have got to go on this list too, along with the kooky handknitted ones from Granny. I once had a Sassybumz Ponies AIO which made me hyperventilate with excitement whenever I could bring myself to use it. How long have you got? Better put the kettle on. – Lisl

Bumgenius were my favourite because they’re so cute and they fit so well. But the normal towelling squares did most of the everyday work. I bought some PEP covers and adjusted the elastics to fit a bit better. Soft muslin squares were perfect for the newborn stage when I had to handwash almost daily. – Melody