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Hi! My name’s Lisl and I’m a recovering nappy addict. My own little cloth bums gave me 7 years of cloth joy but have now outgrown their nappies. I missed my fluff SO much that I simply had to get my hands on some, in one way or another. Together with the absolutely delightful Melody, Carolyn and Nyaradzo (experienced cloth moms themselves), the four of us make a formidable girl-power, world-saving, mother-helping, child-raising, burden-easing team. Oh, and we do laundry too.

We just love nappies. To us at Bum’s the Word there’s nothing more beautiful than a long line of freshly laundered flats flapping in the breeze. Nothing more satisfying than a pile of pockets newly stuffed and ready to rumble. Nothing cuter than a squishy OSFM AIO OTB. (If you know what that last one means, we can definitely be friends.)

Disposable diapers are nothing less than an environmental tragedy. Manufacturing requires inconceivable amounts of water (and yes, many are made locally). They do not biodegrade, and human waste in landfills is unsanitary and dangerous. Every single use of cloth rather than a disposable makes a difference. 

Every single disposable diaper ever manufactured still exists. Think about that for a minute. If you thought straws were bad … !


Nappy laundering services are common elsewhere in the world and it is our fervent desire to bring this culture back to South Africa. Currently, the biggest challenge in using cloth in Cape Town is the scarcity of water – and this is where Bum’s the Word can help. We use unpolluted mountain water from the Vlakkenberg, accessed via a borehole which taps off water moving through shearing granite. The source is primarily rainwater, as well as leakage from the Table Mountain dams, and would otherwise largely drain to the sea. It’s free of metallic pollutants and has a low e-coli count.

We re-use all rinse water onto a magnificent fynbos garden teeming with bees, bugs and indigenous birds – and the excess goes right back into the bedrock from which it came. We only use fully biodegradable, non-toxic detergents, and never any commercial fabric softeners.

We use small, fuel-efficient cars to collect and drop off, and sell only biodegradable nappy bags and liners. We encourage all our clients to use cloth wipes and re-useable liners, which are provided as part of our full rental solution.