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Cape Town City, Southern Suburbs and South Peninsula 

Saving the world one diaper at a time!

Cloth diaper your newborn with zero hassle and zero waste. The sustainable, eco-friendly, completely healthy nappy solution. Happy bum, happy mum!

An old-fashioned laundry service for modern cloth:

1. Full Newborn Diaper Solution: weekly delivery of 80 clean nappies together with stay-dry liners, wetbag, nappy bucket and four high quality (wipeable/rinse-able) waterproof covers. R350/week.

2. We wash your personal nappies either once or twice weekly: R200/wash once-off, discounts for continuous service. Buckets are available for a refundable deposit of R50.


How it works:

  • Sign up via whatsapp to 072 200 6369, email info@bumstheword.co.za or use our Contact form.
  • We collect your nappy bin every week in a pre-arranged time slot, delivering you a clean batch, and returning your own clean nappies (if applicable) next collection day.
  • Weekly subscription: cash, EFT or snapscan. 
  • Press pause at any time.  Please enquire about ad hoc arrangements – R200 each (collect, wash, return).

We have water!

Beautiful clean borehole water ensures you can continue to cloth diaper and save the world without fear of straining our municipal resources. Wash routine: pre-rinse, followed by washing on a long, lukewarm cycle with biodegradable washing powder, and a double rinse as required. Stains are treated with green sunlight bar soap. Nappies are hung correctly so as not to stretch elastics, and dried in direct (whites) or indirect sunlight (colours, PUL). 

Our rental service nappies are sterilised using G-cide, a proudly South African biodegradeable hospital-grade sterilising solution. 

Nappy repairs:

Our skilled seamstress replaces elastics and mends tears. Please enquire.